See how to add photos with music to WhatsApp status

A very common question that many people have is how to add photos with music to their WhatsApp status, mainly because on other social networks this task is very simple to perform.

With that in mind, Noticias Minecraft World has prepared a complete tutorial for you to discover how you can add music to your photos and publish them on your WhatsApp status quickly and easily. Check it out!

Meet InShot

InShot is a very famous application for its image and video editing tools for publishing on social networks.

Many people use it as an excellent resource to put audio files or their favorite music in their photographs so they can publish them on WhatsApp in a much more dynamic way than a simple static image with a caption.

So, below you will see a tutorial specially designed for you to know how you can create your content for WhatsApp.

How to add songs with Inshot

Before starting the step-by-step, it is necessary to download the application from the official application store on your phone.

Currently, it is available in both its Android version on Google Play Store and iOS on the App Store. Now let’s go to the tutorial!

Step 1: Download the InShot application and wait for its automatic installation to complete

Step 2: Open the application and look for the “Video” option

Step 3: Click on “New”

Step 4: Open your phone’s photo gallery and choose the photo you want to use

Step 5: Select the “Music” option

Step 6: Look for the song you like best through the app by clicking on the “Songs” alternative

Step 7: Listen to it and choose which part of it you want to add to your photo video

Step 8: Select the part of the audio you liked the most by clicking on “Split”

Step 9: Carefully edit your video and at the end of the process, just select the “Save” option so that the video can be downloaded to your phone

Step 10: All set!

How to add a photo with music to your status

The process for inserting a photo with music on WhatsApp is quite simple and you only need to open the application and go to the status tab to select the video you just created in the InShot application with your photo.

In addition, you can also have the possibility of recording a “boomerang” style video, like on Instagram, but with the music playing in the background.

This is an alternative that can be used to create your custom statuses, just be careful not to blow out the audio and damage your photo with music.

So, are you going to use the application?

The purpose of this article is to present you with a good alternative when creating your WhatsApp status with photos and music at the same time as on other social networks.

We hope the application is useful to you and that you get good results from your creations.

So, you have a good trick when you want to add photos with music to your status!

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